Inspiration & Worship

Reflect & Communicate

Eco-Justice Ministries, a collection of theological essays, liturgical and worship resources, and helpful guides to going green in your church.

Earth As Our Home, by the Catholic Sisters for a Healthy Earth, is a wonderfully reflective guide for thinking about the Earth as our home. Using the various rooms of a home, they personalize the relationship between us and the environment we live in. This booklet makes manifest the Greek root of the word "ecology" as the logic of the home.

Talking Points for Faith Leaders, the national IPL office has created a document to help faith leaders to talk concisely about climate change from a moral and religious perspective. It contains great short summaries that are also good for starting larger discussions within your own faith community about how your theology, worship, education, and outreach mission apply to climate change.

Celebrate & Worship (and take action!)

Information and worship resources from the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Ministries, an ecumenical Christian organization.

A great website full of resources to help you reduce your C footprint during this season of reflection and commitment.

Khaleafa aims to mobilize Muslims to become responsible stewards of the environment by caring for all of God’s creations. They have campaigns around Earth Day and the season of Ramadan.

Interfaith Power and Light's annual campaign around Earth Day to enocourage all people of faith to advocate on behalf of climate action and take action ourselves. See our Events page to learn about HIPL and partner events for this year's Faith Climate Action Week.

GreenFaith has put together an impressive collection of religious resources for specific faiths and interfaith communities to worship, commemorate, and take action in response to the climate crisis. Many are associated with holy days and seasons of the year.

This is a study and action guide for children and adults for the advent season prior to Christmas, put together by Georgia Interfaith Power & Light. There is a short lesson for each week of Advent and Christmas Eve on the environmental impacts of fossil fuel energy use (mainly coal) and a call to change out incandescent bulbs to LEDs (updated from CFLs).

Twelve things we can do to power down and enjoy the true spirit of the holidays!

This is a study and action guide for Jewish congregations celebrating the season of Hanukkah, also put together by Georgia Interfaith Power & Light. Lessons focus on how conserving energy reduces air, land, and water pollution and secures a brighter future for everyone.

General Religious Resources

Amber Links Faith Focus, listing of a variety of religious responses to global warming.

Global Catholic Climate Movement

Creation Justice Ministries (formerly National Council of Churches Eco-Justice program)

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

Eco-Justice Ministries

Evangelical Environmental Network

Green Faith, great resources for greening congregations.

Jewish Climate Initiative

Interfaith Coalition on Energy, with great resources for churches on energy conservation

Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Laudato Si Movement, the global Catholic climate movement.

LDS Earth Stewardship, promoting awareness and celebration of earth stewardship in the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter-day Saints.

National Climate Ethics Campaign, emphasizing and promoting our moral responsibility to address climate change.