Leaps of Faith

Purpose & Goals

In the face of entwined crises of our climate, public health, communities, and economy, many voices are calling for us to fundamentally recreate a vision for Hawaii’s future and not go back to “business as usual.” These conversations go to the core of what we believe in and most desire out of life; thus, it is critical that our communities and traditions of faith participate in shaping the future we want and need.

To help address this need, we dedicated our 2020 Leaps of Faith event to bringing people of faith together to address the following questions:

  1. What is a vision of Hawaii's future that aligns with deeply held values and beliefs of Hawaii's faith communities?

  2. As we engage in this conversation with the wider community, what do faith traditions and communities bring that is distinct and important?

  3. Who can we partner with to engage in these conversations and take action to realize that vision?


An introduction to the format, objectives, and themes of the event that were dsicussed.

Biocultural Restoration

How restoration can integrate biodiversity, food security, and indigenous culture.

Resilient Communities

What is needed to create communities resilient to climate diasasters?

Sustainable Food Systems

What is needed for Hawaii to build sustainable community food systems?

Affordable Housing

Models for integrating affordable housing in diverse communities.

Moving Forward

What HIPL and faith communities can do to act on these themes for a sustainable future.