Cool Congregations


Cool Congregations is a program of reflection, assessment, commitment, and encouragement to reduce the carbon footprint of your household or congregation. Grounded in the core values of our faith traditions, Cool Congregations employs user-friendly tools in the natural small-group settings of our faith communities to enable households to make and keep commitments to be better stewards of Creation through our use of natural resources.  There are resources to help individual households and congregations to help congregations calculate their energy and carbon footprint, set goals for reduction, and work collectively to meet those goals. 

Hawaii Program

HIPL has adapted some of the resources to fit Hawaii's unique conditions compared to the mainland US. In particular, we have created a guide called 10 Things Your Congregation Can Do and adapted the Cool Congregations 25 Things You can Do for Under $25 and 25 Things for Over $25.

Hawaii Energy is Hawaiian Electrics ratepayer-funded program for energy efficiency, rebates, and information and education on renewable electricity, electric vehicles, and more. A great place to get started when you're ready to take action!

Hawaiʻi GEMS is the state's Green Energy Market Securitization program to help households and small businesses & nonprofits, including churches, finance a rooftop photovoltaic system for no upfront cost and on-bill financing.


Consultlit is a small US company that does in-depth energy audits for faith communities with the goal of using the energy savings to fund missions around the world.