HIPL hosted discussions on 29 August 2020 to explore and co-create visions for a just, equitable, sustainable, and resilient future for Hawaii, grounding our vision and the work that is needed within our diverse faith traditions. We chose four themes for the discussion

  • Biocultural Restoration

  • Climate Justice

  • Sustainable Community Food Systems

  • Affordable Housing

The entwined crises that we face of climate change, a global pandemic, and economic uncertainty strongly influenced the presentations and discussions.

After introductory prayers and readings from clergy and other people of faith, HIPL President Travis Idol welcomed everyone and gave an overview of the four discussion themes, including the discussion leaders who had prepared presentations to give in concurrent sessions. Participants were then allowed to choose one of the concurrent sessions.

The objectives of the presentations and discussions within theme areas were to

  • Develop an initial vision of a future we can and should embrace

  • Explore the distinct ways in which people and communities of faith can contribute to making this vision a reality

  • Identify key groups and organizations to partner with in these efforts

After the concurrent sessions, participants came back together to share highlights of their discussions and address the objectives they were given. Connections among the themes were emphasized in a final discussion. Participants were exhorted to think about next steps and work within their own faith communities to discuss which theme areas they are most interested in working on.

HIPL committed itself to writing this summary report of the event and following up with discussion leaders and participants to continue working on the objectives for each theme and engaging people and communities of faith in the work needed to make these visions a reality.