Take Action

Advocate for Change. Interfaith Power and Light has great policy and advocacy webpages where you can advocate for change on national issues and learn about why these should be a priority for religious people and communities.

How Cool is Your Congregation? Introducing Cool Congregations. Calculate your household's carbon footprint and make a commitment to reducing it. We offer training, resources, and guidance for implementing the Cool Congregations program in your faith community. You can even help your congregation win a $5,000 award.

Voluntary Carbon Tax Once you have undertaken the Cool Congregations challenge, you can consider tithing your carbon savings to help emissions reductions programs. See the Voluntary Carbon Tax website for more info.

10 Things Your Congregation Can Do Don't like the size of your congregation's footprint? Want to get your faith community involved with responding to the climate crisis? How do you get started? Well, besides encouraging your congregation to join Hawaii Interfaith Power & Light, we've come up with 9 other things you can do to make energy issues and the climate crisis a part of your congregation's mission and focus. View the web page or print out a pdf version to share with others.

25 Things YOU Can Do Now that you've figured out what your congregation can do, it's time for you to do some things yourself. Check out this web page or again, print out a pdf version to carry with you and share with others!

Kill-A-Watt Reminder Print out and laminate this light switch cover as a friendly reminder that simple things like turning off lights as you leave a room can add up to big energy savings in the long run.

EPA Energy Star Guide for Congregations The US Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star program has a program for congregations to help them reduce energy use of their facilities.

The Energy Star website also has related resources, such as the latest list of Energy Star-rated appliances, office equipment, and other products.

Green Meetings planning and evaluation guide. A comprehensive set of principles, guidelines, checklists, and templates for reducing the environmental impact and increasing the sustainability and accessibility of meetings large and small.