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This library of books, DVDs, and other material is intended to inspire, inform, and initiate discussions about how we as faith communities should respond to the challenges of global warming and climate change. These materials are available to borrow from HIPL or we can facilitate a viewing or discussion for you. If you have related materials that you have found useful and are willing to add to the list, let us know! We may want to purchase a copy for the HIPL library or we may just have people interested in the materials contact you directly. Just email us to get access to any of these materials.


An Inconvenient Truth

The film that started it all! Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary about the moral dimensions of climate change combined with copious examples of the scientific evidence behind global warming. This film raised a nation's consciousness and spawned a new genre in environmental film-making. The supporting website is called Climate Crisis, and it contains information as well as its own reading list. HIPL has the film, which is a great primer for those unfamiliar with the issues and the evidence.


The Great Warming

This film travels the globe, documenting stories of how global warming will affect communities large and small and what we can do about it. With an emphasis on the moral and spiritual dimensions of climate change, it is an inspiration for communities of faith.



Eight stories of diverse religious communities putting their faith into action on behalf of the environment. Religious leaders and lay members discuss how caring for Creation is a religious and a moral imperative. Stories of living "green", fighting against mountaintop removal to access coal, eating local, fighting for eco-justice and community health are among the inspirational examples collected in this documentary. The film website contains lots of information about guided film showings and discussions, educational materials, and much more.


Fighting Goliath

This DVD is actually a double feature. The first is a documentary of how diverse groups of citizens, businesses, and government officials joined together to fight for clean air against the fast-track approval and development of 19 conventional coal-fired power plants in East and Central Texas. The second is a short film called Covenant about how Interfaith Power & Light has brought people of diverse faiths together to fight for clean air.


A Sea Change

This feature-length documentary follows the journey of a retired history teacher who travels the world to discover how global warming and excess atmospheric carbon dioxide are taking a terrible toll on the world's oceans. A beautiful and informational film that is being promoted by Interfaith Power & Light for guided viewings and discussions for Earth Day 2011. HIPL has a copy of the DVD, but visit the IP&L Films webpage to purchase your own copy for only $6.00, download a discussion guide, and register for a screening of the film for Earth Day.


The Power of Community

This documentary about Cuba's response to the loss of its oil imports and financial subsidies after the collapse of the Soviet Union is an inspiring lesson for how communities can create a sustainable future. This is especially relevant for island communities, such as Hawaii. But more generally, Cuba serves as a model for how we all will have to respond to the coming peak oil crisis.


The Hungry Tide

A documentary about the growing effects of climate change on the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati. This story is likely to be repeated for other subsistence-based communities in low-lying island nations and coastal areas around the world. The IPL choice for this year's National Preach-In on Global Warming



Filled with real-life stories from around the US and scrumptious images of real food, this documentary illustrates how people are working to revitalize the connections between healthy communities and sustainable food systems. Much like The Power of Community, this film shows how a cheap food policy has promoted fossil fuel-intensive agriculture that is bad for our health, bad for small farmers, and bad for the planet. A feast for the eyes and the soul.

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