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Cool Congregations

Ever wondered what a "carbon footprint" is? 
Want to know how to calculate your own carbon footprint?
Concerned yours might be a bit big and want to reduce it?
Then Cool Congregations is the right program for you! Developed by a small group of Iowa IPL members, Cool Congregations is a great way for faith communities to come together to learn about the moral and spiritual dimensions of choices concerning energy use, assess household energy use and carbon footprint, explore ways to reduce it, make commitments to take action over time, and then encourage one other along the way to meet our goals. 

To learn more about Cool Congregations, go to When you're ready to get your own faith community involved, contact us and we'll schedule a half-day training session with your green team so you can implement the program.


  • Download and print the Carbon Footprint Checklist,which asks you for information on your entire household for the last 12 months.

  • Download the carbon footprint spreadsheet for Mac or PC and enter your information from the checklist.

  • Review your results, compare with the average US household and Kyoto Protocol guidelines, and then make a commitment to reduce your footprint.

  • Look over our 25 Steps guide for things you can do to reduce your footprint.

  • For more resources, like where to find a list of Energy Star-rated products and local rebates for purchasing these products, including CFLs, check out the HIPL Resources page.

  • Share with a community of friends and supporters to stay committed and celebrate your achievements.
Cool Congregations is a program of Interfaith Power and Light and the Center for a Sustainable Economy.