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25 Steps You Can Take

Source: Cool Congregations -
(pdf version)

25 Steps Under $25

LIGHTING  CO2 reduction (lb/yr)
 1. Turn off the lights in unused rooms      380 
 2. Buy energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs for lights you use most. They cost about $2 per bulb.  180 per bulb
 3. Replace a halogen flood lamp with compact fluorescent one.      475 
 4. Light your holiday tree with LED lights rather than incandescent bulbs  120 per season
 5. Unplug and recycle your old outdoor refrigerator      2500 
 6. Hang your clothes to dry rather than using the dryer  200 for each weekly load
 7. Use surge protectors to completely power down equipment when not in use.  500
 8. Run dishwasher only when full and don't use the dryer function      200
 9. Use a manual push mower. Blades need sharpening about once a year.      80
 10. Use natural air-conditioning: windows and fans. It's the cheapest and most effective option!  5500+
 11. Adjust A/C thermostat higher in summer  250 per degree
 12. Clean and replace dirty A/C air filters  175
 13. Install programmable thermostats to adjust temps higher when you are away from home  600
 14. Caulk and weather-strip around doors and windows to seal air leaks  up to 1350
 15. Reduce shower times by 5 minutes.  250 per person
 16. Wash clothes in warm or cold, not hot. Modern detergents are formulated to be just as effective.  250 per weekly load
 17. Turn down thermostat on hot water heater to 120 degrees F.  50 per degree
 18. Install low-flow shower heads to use less hot water  300
 19. Install faucet aerators  20 per faucet
 20. For water heaters > 5 yrs old, wrap in an insulating jacket  up to 1000
 21. Give your car the day off. Walk, bike, carpool, or use mass transit.  20 per gallon of fuel saved
 22. Check tire inflation monthly to improve fuel efficiency.  250
 23. Change air filter according to owner's manual  200
 24. Recycle metals, glass, plastic, paper...everything you can!  100 per gallon per week
 25. Compost food waste, bring your own bags, choose reusable products, buy reduced-packaging goods  100 per gallon per week

25 Steps Over $25

LIGHTING CO2 reduction (lb/yr)
 1. Buy even MORE energy-efficient LED bulbs for lights you use most. They cost about $20 each. 220 per bulb 
 2. Replace your halogen flood light with an LED one.    570
 3. Replace your 10-yr-old refrigerator with a new Energy Star model     2300 
 4. Replace your 10-yr-old clothes washer with an Energy Star model 850
 5. Replace your newer non-Energy Star clothes washer     475
 6. Replace your non-Energy Star clothes dryer     500
 7. Replace your non-Energy Star dishwasher 100
 8. Replace your non-Energy Star TV  65
 9. Upgrade A/C from a 9.0 to a 12.0 SEER model 185
 10. Add or improve ceiling insulation. This can save 25% on home cooling up to 2000
 11. Ventilate attic with ridge, eave, or solar powered vents up to 500
 12. Install reflective roof coating  up to 3000
 13. Replace windows with energy-saving models up to 10,000
 14. Plant native trees, shrubs, or trellises around your home on E, W, and S sides 2000
 15. Add low-e films to your windows. It not only saves energy, it keeps you cooler! 380
 16. Install window awnings 720
 17. Improve pool water pump efficiency: use a larger filter, increase pipe diameter, and replace elbow with flex pipes 1920
 18. Replace electric hot water tank heater with an on-demand system 3600
 19. Switch from electric to gas hot water heater 1400
 20. Upgrade your gas water heater to an Energy Star model 200
 21. Maximize the gas mileage of your new car. See for comparisons 1000 per MPG improvement
 22. Get an engine tune-up every year 1500
 23. Change air filter according to owner's manual 200
 24. Add solar hot water system 2000
 25. Install a photovoltaic electricity system (solar panels) to replace some or all of your electricity needs thousands