Hawaii Interfaith Power and Light  

A religious response to global warming

The goals of HIPL are to raise awareness of the spiritual importance of global warming among diverse faith communities, provide inspiration and resources for taking action, and advocate on behalf of policies that promote energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy.

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Living Dangerously film viewing: 350.org is promoting film viewings and discussions of the film "Years of Living Dangerously". To get involved, visit www.350.org/years. Initial viewing date is April 13. If you decide to host a viewing, let us know. We'll advertise for you!

Years of Living Dangerously, trailer

Earth as Our Home: 
Before you think about tithing your CO2, read this wonderfully reflective booklet, Earth as Our Home. A permanent link is at our Resources page.

Voluntary Carbon Tax: We have discovered a great new resource for individuals and communities dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. The Mt. Toby Friends Association developed a program to help people pledge donations based on their personal carbon footprint to endeavors that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A permanent link is at our Resources page or go directly to voluntarycarbontax.org.  

HIPL News: We have recently created an HIPL News site to keep you up-to-date on the latest news from our favorite sites. We'll send out weekly email summaries, but you can follow us via RSS link

Lenten Carbon Fast: The annual season of Lent is upon us, and the Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast is once again asking us to use this time of reflection and self-improvement to reduce our carbon footprint. HIPL has its own Lenten Carbon Fast calendar customized for easy print-out. We encourage you to use and share this with your network.

Bill McKibben Distinguished Lecture: The renowned 
environmental thinker, activist, author, and founder of 350.org is coming to Hawaii! He will be speaking at the UH-Manoa campus on the evening of April 24, 2014. For details, see the campus events calendar.

National Climate Center Spring Schedule:
The Bard Center on Environmental Policy has announced their spring schedule of climate seminars.

Native Alaskan Film and Discussion: UPDATE: Church of the Crossroads will be hosting an encore presentation of the film and discussion with Miho Aida during this Sunday's Adult Religious Education class (Jan. 26) at 9:00 AM in the Ross-Davis room.
Join us Thursday, Jan. 23 at Church of the Crossroads from 5:00-9:00 PM for the Hawaii premiere screening of The Sacred Place Where Life Begins: Gwich'in Women Speak, followed by a discussion with indigenous Alaskan leaders. More at our Events page.

National Climate Center Fall Schedule: The Bard Center on Environmental Policy has announced their fall schedule of climate seminars

How Hot Could it Get? A neat interactive global warming graph shows you what could happen in your lifetime and beyond if we don't reduce GHG emissions: http://kiln.it/embeds/ipcc/

Listening Session for Obama Climate Change Speech: 350.org has organized a listening session for President Obama's climate change speech, this Tuesday (25 June) at 7:35 AM Hawaii time. To join in, click here: http://act.350.org/go/3352?t=1&akid=3281.316356.T9YHiL 

Support Energy Efficiency! The national IPL network is urging its members to support Senate Bill S.761 through an automated letter-writing campaign.
Click here to submit your testimony in support of this common-sense and important bill.

All About LED lighting: 03-05 June, 2013. Hawaii Energy is hosting 1-day trainings on the emergence and diversification of LED lighting products for home and businesses. See Events page for details.

Energy Efficiency Training: 16-21 May, 2013. Hawaii Energy is hosting additional training on energy efficiency for businesses, led by Mark Jewell, President of the Efficiency Efficiency Funding Group. See Events page for details.

Fostering Sustainable Behavior Workshop: 13-15 May, University of Hawaii-West Oahu
Dr. Douglas Mackenzie-Mohr, author of the influential book Fostering Sustainable Behavior, is coming to Hawaii for a 3-day workshop on community-based social marketing. Information and registration here: 

Do the Math: 21 April at 4:00 PM, Church of the Crossroads.
A film screening of the documentary by 350.org, followed by a live, nationwide discussion. See the Events page for more info.

Mission 4/1 Earth:
The United Church of Christ is celebrating the Christian liturgical season between Easter and Pentecost by encouraging their congregations to witness for Planet Earth during 50 great days of greening up, powering down, and shouting out. See our Events page for details.

Preach-In for the Planet:
HIPL member Church of the Crossroads celebrated with a special Sunday service on Feb. 10. Special guest Dr. Kati Corlew spoke on climate justice, faith, and action. A transcript of her sermon is here. Or watch the video of her sermon at our Events page.